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In Brief for Feb. 27, 2008

In Brief for Feb. 27, 2008

Green tech Is technology helping your events go green? Maybe you use podcasts instead of paper reports, or .... ? We'd love to hear from you for an upcoming feature; please contact us with your clever ways to use tech to go green by clicking here ...

He's gone, let's party! Las Vegas is seeing a boost in business in divorce parties, the L.A. Times says. The events--which can run up to $2,000 per guest--range from comforting spa-and-champagne parties to raucous revenge events, which might include an X-rated cake, a tiny coffin for the wedding ring and an ex-husband voodoo doll ...

Light up? Then pay up. As more hotels go completely nonsmoking--and as nonsmokers become more intolerant of even a trace of cigarette smoke--hotel management is quicker to impose fines on scofflaws. With the thorough cleaning of a room--carpets, drapes, bedding and all--running some $1,000, hotels are fining guests as much as $250 if they smoke in their rooms. The sticking point: How to prove that the guest did indeed smoke. One chain pays housekeepers $10 for each smoker they catch, the Wall Street Journal says.

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