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Special Events

In Brief: Fundraising Fares Better, Gala Goose, What You're Reading

Funds back in fundraising Some 57 percent of respondents to a recent online poll from Special Events say that their fundraisers are doing as well or better in 2010 than they did in 2009. About a quarter of respondents say their fundraisers are bringing in more money this year than last, while 31 percent say their results are about the same. A total of 42 percent say their fundraisers are doing worse this year than in 2009 …

A goose on Galas Your entries for the Gala Awards are due Sept. 17. But don't despair if you need more time—our special "late-bird" option means you have till Sept. 24 for only a slightly higher fee. You can get lots of helpful tips on entering by clicking here. And if you have even more questions, just send an email here

What you're reading The most popular stories from Special Events for August were:

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