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In Brief: Half-ready for Disaster, When Pix are Problematic, Busy in 2006, Are Incentives Endangered?

Half of industry prepped for natural disaster Just over half—54 percent—of respondents to the most recent online poll from Special Events say their company has a plan in place to respond to a natural disaster. Eleven percent say they don't have one yet but intend to prepare one soon. A whopping 34 percent say they don't have a plan because they think little can be done to cope with disaster …

Can you share your shots? An award-winning planner recently told Special Events that his clients' desire to keep a low profile for their spending on special events is making it harder for him to share photos of the events he has created, in order to enter event competitions and the like. Are you having the same problem? Tell us in our latest poll, at the right side of our site, under "Most Popular Articles" …

When too much work was our big problem The Special Events staff marveled at a story from our archives (November 2006), when the booming economy made the party business boom, too, bringing the challenge of handling too much work. For a look back, just click here ...

Are incentives endangered? Our sister publication, Financial & Insurance Meetings, looks at the changing standards regarding incentive trips. Will emerging regulations threaten the very existence of incentives? It's a complicated issue; learn more about it here.

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