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Special Events
In Brief for March 26, 2008

In Brief for March 26, 2008

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Shoes off, laptop out Experienced air travelers who know to show up at the airport with their carry-on liquids properly packed and other security-screening requirements may soon be rewarded for their smarts. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration announced last week that it is expanding its "Black Diamond Self-Select Lanes" to Boston-Logan, Orlando (Fla.) and Spokane (Wash.) International airports. The program--already in place in Salt Lake City and Denver International since February--allows passengers to pick which line to go through. "Black diamond" lanes are for those who travel several times a month while "green" lanes are for families and anyone who needs special assistance; the signage mirrors the way ski runs are marked. Meanwhile, Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, Calif., is trying a technique from supermarkets. Its new "Zip Lane" is for use only by passengers toting a single carry-on bag. If the program works, it will be expanded to other airports, TSA says.

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