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In brief for Nov. 15, 2006

Caribbean worried over U.S. passport rule Airports throughout the Caribbean are posting warnings alerting U.S. tourists that starting Jan. 8, they will need to show a passport to return home. In response to the terrorism threat, Congress decreed that citizens returning home by air or sea start showing a passport effective Jan. 8. The law takes effect for people who cross by land from Canada and Mexico on Jan. 1, 2008. However, pressure from the cruise-ship industry persuaded Congress to delay the passport requirement until June 2009 for land and sea arrivals. For more details, visit the U.S. State Department site by clicking here ...

Australia the best 'brand' Australia ranks as the No. 1 overall country brand, according to the second annual Country Brand Index 2006, released last week. The U.S. ranks second and Italy third. The study polled more than 1,500 international travelers, travel experts and hospitality professionals. Peru was named "Best Off the Beaten Track/Exotic Country" brand, while India won the nod for "Best Country Brand for Authenticity" ...

Israel's gay pride parade canceled Bowing to pressure from ultra-Orthodox Jews, organizers of Israel's five-year-old gay pride march through Jerusalem agreed last week to confine it to a stadium. Police said they could not mobilize enough officers both to protect marchers from anti-gay factions and to defend the nation from Palestinian militants.

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