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In brief for Nov. 22, 2006

Fees could kill jazz funerals The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana filed suit on Friday charging that fees imposed by city and state officials could spell the end of New Orleans' famed jazz funerals. With fees now starting at $1,200 and a new rule requiring the posting of a state bond of $10,000, the so-called Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs that stage processions and parades in the city streets could be forced to stop ...

France says, 'Check that cheese' French aviation officials say that the European Union's new restrictions on liquids and gels in carry-on baggage may also extend to the nation's famed runny cheeses ...

Temple event program lauded The "Event Leadership Executive Certificate Program" at Temple University's School of Tourism and Hospitality Management has received top honors from the International Festivals and Events Association. "This honor is unique because it is the first time the award has been bestowed on an institution of higher education," says Dr. Joe Goldblatt, CSEP, executive director of the event leadership program. "Temple has not only won wide acclaim for this program but it also sets the mark that others must meet or exceed in the future." The program includes courses in event solution processes, event outcomes, event sustainability, cooperative event leadership, entertainment and production, sponsorship and fundraising, and other related areas.

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