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In Brief for Oct. 17, 2007

Projections get astrophysical To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch of the world’s first artificial satellite--Sputnik 1--British technical producer Creative Media Techniques helped turn the massive dish of Cheshire's Jodrell Bank Observatory’s Lovell Radio Telescope into a giant open-air projection screen for a public son et lumière event--Space 50--earlier this month. Space 50 is a series of events celebrating the dawn of the Space Age; the Telescope events have drawn up to 2,000 spectators each night. Two projectors were overlaid to produce one super-bright 65-meter (213-foot) wide image. The projectors were located 100 meters (328 feet) away from the telescope on specially constructed towers 10 feet off the ground. The 37-minute video show consisted of archive and historical space-orientated footage, graphics and photographs, tracing the history of the Telescope, the moon race ...

CMPs want more, survey says Certified Meeting Professionals, while mostly satisfied with the value they get from achieving this professional designation, are looking for improvements to the program, according to a new survey of current and past CMPs commissioned by the Washington-based Convention Industry Council, the meetings industry umbrella organization that administers the CMP. When asked what they felt was missing from the CMP experience, 52 percent of survey respondents said online training, 37 percent said an advanced-level CMP designation, and 34 percent asked for more local events. Also, 46 percent of respondents said they wanted CIC to offer advanced-level CMP classes …

A call to arms Automaker Volvo launched a marketing campaign Saturday in U.K. movie theaters that turns film-goers into human joysticks. The interactive gaming experience has viewers waving their arms in the air to guide the new Volvo XC70 all-wheel-drive estate car around a large-scale driving terrain, collecting various items and passengers along the way. Volvo is introducing its "social gaming technology" to support the launch of its all new estate cars and kick off Volvo's "Life Is Better Lived Together" brand message. "The concept was developed in order to engage a group of people and take video gaming, traditionally an individual pastime, to a truly sociable environment," said Anita Fox, head of marketing communications for Volvo Car UK. "By working together as a team, having fun and sharing the experience, it's the perfect way to communicate Volvo's 'Life Is Better Lived Together' brand message."

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