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In Brief: Salary Survey, Party Rental to Lead, Mobile Apps

Are you being paid what you're worth? Our sister publication Corporate Meetings & Incentives has just released a salary survey for senior meeting managers; to see how it all adds up, just click here

Party and event rental to lead, ARA says The party and event rental segment will lead all rental segments in growth next year and beyond, according to an ARA study released Monday. While the construction and industrial equipment rental and general tool rental segments are both lagging due to a falloff in construction spending, party and event rental is forecast to grow this year thanks to underlying strength in milestone celebrations such as weddings, graduations and other celebrations. "With the influx of capital into this market in 2010 and positive consumer demand, the party and event market is poised to be a leader in our industry regarding the market's recovery into 2011 and beyond," ARA CEO Christine Wehrman said …

Do apps apply to you? Are mobile apps a part of your life? Tell us by taking our latest poll, on the right side of our Web site under "Most Popular Articles." Thanks!

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