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In Brief for Sept. 5, 2007

In Brief for Sept. 5, 2007

Chill out In an event organized in collaboration with Greenpeace, hundreds of naked people braved the cold last month to highlight the impacts of climate change on the Atletsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps. The nude volunteers posed for renowned installation artist Spencer Tunick in an event that signified and created a symbolic link between people and glaciers, which are rapidly retreating as a result of climate change ...

Felix spares ABC islands Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire largely escaped the dire predictions of disaster in the wake of Hurricane Felix on Sunday. Even so, thousands of tourists had to hole up in hotels to stay safe ...

Moon? No time soon The fledgling space tourism industry stumbled this summer when a fire broke out at Virgin Galactic's testing facility in California's Mojave Desert, killing three technicians. Virgin Galactic already has customers who have paid $200,000 to be among the first to experience weightlessness in space.

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