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In Brief: We're Still So Social, and How to Track Event Spend

Social media stays strong in special events Just over a third of respondents to a recent online survey from Special Events say they love social media (Facebook, Twitter and the like) and are using it more this year than last. Twenty-five percent say they are using social media at the same rate this year as last, while 22 percent say they have "Facebook fatigue" and are using it less this year. Sixteen percent say they never use social media …

Double-dip ahead? Do you see the recession easing, or do you think we're headed for a dreaded double-dip? Tell us by taking our latest poll, on the right side of our Web site near the "Resource Center" …

What, me spend smart? Companies are inconsistent in how they track their event and meeting spend, but following some best practices can help a lot. Our sister publications at MeetingsNet have the full story; just click here.

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