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Closing General Session

Under the influence: When subconsciously told they were taking part in a bodybuilding competition, hypnotized participants put on their buff best.

Laughter echoed throughout the auditorium during Tom DeLuca's session.

Closing General Session speaker Tom DeLuca, president of Orlando-based DeLuca Enterprises, opened the subconscious minds and imaginations of about a dozen brave attendees during a riveting-not to mention hilarious-hypnosis session designed to help channel creativity. The stage set was created by attendees of Sandy Zeigler's theatrical design workshop.

"Aloo oot ubaay veep? Ay, eebzoo dweezbay doos deek vat!" If you speak Martian, as do these two hypnotized participants, you'd know exactly what this phrase means. Tom DeLuca, center, does his best to interpret.

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