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Sparkling wine practices and protocols are a phone call away, at Domaine Ste. Michelle's new hotline. The Woodinville, Wash.-based sparkling wine, recently named a “Best Bubbly Under $20” by Wine Spectator magazine, has created the toll-free resource to offer tips on buying, chilling and serving the celebration staple. Callers can find out the ideal temperature for pouring (43 degrees to 53 degrees Fahrenheit) and the average sparkling wine consumption rate for a reception (one and a half five-ounce glasses per person). They also get access to tricks of the trade; for instance, lightly scratching an “X” inside the bottom of the flute with a knife creates brilliant beads of bubbles in the glass. Call the hotline at 877/DSMTIPS, or contact Domaine Ste. Michelle headquarters at 425/488-1133.

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