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Corporate Event Forecast Mixed, Latest Survey Says

Corporate Event Forecast Mixed, Latest Survey Says

The latest online poll from Special Events shows mixed opinions from special event professionals on when corporate event business—which has fallen off sharply in the last year—will show signs of strength.

Seventeen percent of respondents say they see corporate event business beginning to recover in 2009, while 32 percent say they see recovery starting in 2010.

However, 20 percent say they see no change in the slow pace of corporate events, while 15 percent say they expect corporate event business to decline even further.

Thirteen percent of respondents say they don't know or have no opinion.

The wide range of opinion in some ways mimics the performance of major event-planning companies listed in the 2009 edition of Special Events' annual "50 Top Event Planning Companies" list, published in the September-October issue.

While the median change in revenue from 2008 to 2009 predicted by the companies listed is a decline of 10 percent, the performances of individual companies vary widely. For example, one firm expects its event revenue to decline by 68 percent this year, while others say their business will be better this year than last.

Photo by © Claudia Dewald


In our latest poll, we're asking if you are deliberately toning down event decor in today's tough times. Let us know--the poll is on the right side of our site, just below the "Resource Center." Thank you!


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