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Current Events: Cramer Updates Identity, Focuses on Integrated Marketing

NORWOOD, MASS.-based integrated communications company Cramer has unveiled a new corporate brand profile. The 20-year-old firm, which generates $25 million in annual revenue, counts a logo redesign and new Web site among its rebranding measures.

According to marketing director Jill Petrie, the company's brand revamping is in line with Cramer's focus on events as “a marketing communications microcosm.” “When you're planning an event, you're not just thinking, ‘Do I have AV and staging behind me?’” Petrie said. “You're also thinking, ‘How am I going to get people to my event? When they get to the event, what am I handing out to them? What speakers are they going to see? What is the agenda for the entire event?’”

She explained that Cramer will use its new positioning to demonstrate its ability to provide complete marketing solutions rather than just event production. Among services it plans to emphasize are Web site development, online event registration, interactive kiosks, Webcasting and direct marketing. “These services only enhance our commitment to the corporate event buyers,” she added, naming Compaq, Motorola and Microsoft as clients.

Petrie explained that the shift to integrated marketing from event production came as clients started saying, “‘You do such a good job with our event video — can you help us with our interactive Web site? Can you help us with our print collateral?’” Cramer developed staff and resources — it is located in a 70,000-square-foot production facility with multiple studios, digital editing suites and production tools — to meet these changing needs. The new brand is an extension of this growth rather than a result of dramatic changes for the company, Petrie said. “It's not new ownership,” she clarified. “We're not under new management.”

Cramer 425 University Ave., Norwood, MA 02062; 781/278-2300;


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