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Current Events: Thorns Group Launches New Production Division

Paul Seeney, formerly of Hampshire, England-based Classic World Events, has joined London-based event rental supplier Thorns Group to spearhead a newly formed lighting and visual effects division. The new division, Classic Technical Services, features a staff of six specialists and offers lighting design, power installation, audiovisual services and IT support. The division is now operating out of the former offices of Classic World Events, but will join other Thorns Group divisions, including exhibition design and floral, in a new, centralized headquarters in London later this year.

Classic Technical Services' technicians and designers “can provide stunning backdrops to high-profile exhibitions and supply power, sound systems and visual aid for major functions,” said Thorns Group managing director Graham Langley-Jones. “They can also assist with power installations from the initial meeting to the design stage right through to the final installation.”

Langley-Jones said the launch of the technical services unit was in line with recent expansions of Thorns Group, which currently claims annual revenue in excess of 7 million pounds ($10 million). “We believe that clients benefit greatly from dealing in a single-source supplier,” he explained. An expanded Thorns Group can “reduce the potential headaches of liaising with several firms, and remove the danger that certain elements of an assignment might be overlooked,” he added.

Thorns Group
62 Garman Road
Tottenham, London N17 0UT
United Kingdom
+44 20 8801 4444

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