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Current Events: Tri-Rentals Adds Linen Pro to Boost Product Line

Phoenix-based Tri-Rentals Party Specialists has joined with specialty linen provider Event Details, also based in Phoenix, to bring customers a range of new products and services. According to Event Details owner Linda Southwick, Tri-Rentals CEO Ralph Stern proposed the merger after the two had a “five-hour” discussion about trends in the high-end rental market.

Southwick, a former consultant to Skokie, Ill.-based BBJ Linen and Spring Valley, N.Y.-based Cloth Connection, said that the relationship will help her concentrate on creativity. “As a small independent company, we were looking for additional labor and delivery services,” she explained. “I often found myself providing these services instead of working with the customers to develop truly unique and affordable table fashions and decor. Merging with Tri-Rentals will allow me to focus entirely on the customer and to design new linens that meet their needs.”

As part of the merger, Southwick will remain director of Event Details, which will function as a new custom linen division within the larger Tri-Rentals organization. She said she will work with Tri-Rentals sales staff to develop a selling approach that allows them to “go directly to customers, find out what they are looking for and create affordable linen designs for them.” Southwick also will design and create an Event Details product line of linen and accessories including chargers, napkin rings and tassels.

Along with custom design services, Southwick will bring the patent-pending Chairbund to Tri-Rentals. The product, designed to stretch around an event chair, is a simple band with an attached bracket that allows the customer to affix a “barrette” featuring jewels, logos, theme decor and other items. Southwick described the Chairbund as “a cummerbund, like men wear with a tuxedo.”

According to Stern, the merger with Event Details and the acquisition of Southwick's Chairbund and other custom-designed linen will allow Tri-Rentals to move further into the high-end rental market. “We wanted to add a new ‘brand name’ of accessories to our line,” Stern said. “The name Event Details is well known and well respected in the Phoenix market. It was a good fit.”

Tri-Rentals Party Specialists 3103 E. Broadway Road, Suite 400, Phoenix, AZ 85040; 602/232-9900;


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