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De Boer sets up center for landmark Afghan conference

De Boer Group, a major international player in creating temporary structures for special events, created a conference center in Kabul for the meeting last week establishing the democratic future of Afghanistan. Some 1,500 participants from various ethnic and religious groups met at the loya jirga, a traditional tribal gathering, which named Hamid Karzai president.

According to a De Boer spokesman, the temporary conference center consisted of two major structures, one 22,000 square feet and the other 5,000 square feet. Smaller meeting rooms were created in separate temporary structures for the different tribes and religious groups. The German office of De Boer Group obtained the assignment through GTZ, a German association formed as part of the United Nations’ post-war reconstruction aid program.

Five Antonov transportation airplanes flew out of Germany to move more than 300 tons of equipment to Afghanistan in time. Under the guidance of De Boer project managers, the conference center was constructed with local Afghanis. De Boer also arranged climate control and lighting of the center.

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