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Emergency planning: Are you ready?

Emergency planning: Are you ready?

The terrible twins--Katrina and Rita--carry a message to business owners far outside of hurricane country: Failure to draw up an emergency plan to get your business back on its feet after a disaster could spell the end of your business.

In the October issue of Special Events Magazine, emergency preparedness expert Pamela Fromhertz identifies five steps that business owners should take to safeguard essential functions. No. 1: Know who is key. "Identify all of your key people and their responsibilities, and keep their phone numbers available away from the office," she advises.

"Also identify alternate people--delegation of authority--who could step in and perform tasks if the primary person is not available," she adds. "Examine what functions are essential to your business and need to be running within 24 hours or a week following a disaster. This planning could actually help streamline your business!"

Read the complete story in the October Special Events.

Free Assessment Available

For a free assessment of your company's level of risk, contact Fromhertz directly at [email protected].

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