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In the December issue of Special Events Magazine, security consultant Gary Moses, who has been involved with security for major events including the Academy and Emmy awards, advises event professionals to ask the right questions to ensure safety for guests:

  • Could the event be affected by the action of individuals?

  • Could a chemical or biohazard occur?

  • What is the subject of the event: political, religious, entertainment, corporate?

  • Is the event high- or low-profile?

  • Are the speakers coming in public or government officials?

  • Could someone disrupt the event to gain media exposure?

  • Has the venue been used for this event before?

  • Can the venue secure the airflow system?

  • Will all guests be credentialed?

  • Has a security professional reviewed the event plans and the venue?

  • To read the complete article, see the December issue of Special Events Magazine.

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