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Event Security Starts with Smart Site Selection

Five tactics that put safety issues top of mind when you’re picking a hotel or venue.

When asked recently why more planners don’t take safety and security more seriously, one planner responded, “it’s so big and boring.” Granted, it is not the sexiest of meeting-planning topics; fancy guest rooms and upscale food are much more fun to consider than a bad guy with a gun or a global pandemic.

Also, the breadth of the topic can seem dauting. There’s cyber security, crisis communication, public-relations scenarios, and emergency-response planning. Considering the constant barrage of scary news on TV and the utter fiction on social media, it’s hard to want to look at event safety.

There’s good news, however. Planners can prepare for the possibility of bad things happening, and even have the power to prevent or mitigate many of them. Starting with the site-selection process, we can begin the process of keeping our attendees safer.

Head over to MeetingsNet for a few simple things to do during your next hotel- or venue-selection process.

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