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The Evolution of Event Design

The way we approach event design has evolved along with our objectives and goals for corporate event marketing; it is no longer about decor or props but rather about brand and environmental design. On the corporate level, we have moved in to an era where ROI dictates success, and brand marketers are forced to evaluate their events in a completely different way than they did just five years ago. No longer do we strive simply to have a good time; now we must create impressions, incur digital follow-through and track a future for our customers. And let's not forget that our audience is getting younger. Today's event guests are more sophisticated, more technically savvy and less patient than the guests of 10 years ago. Our events must engage our attendees like never before, and they must make a definitive statement about our brand. This is only achieved through carefully planned and executed design.

In addition to supporting the corporate brand, events must create environments that enable our guests to be comfortable. Comfortable guests make more favorable decisions, which is one of the reasons we are seeing the growing trend of including lounge furnishings as opposed to traditional tables and chairs at events. We want our guests to relax and thought-fully consider whatever product or service we are presenting to them. We must engage them visually with an overall environment that stimulates and entertains them in a meaningful way. Everything that we do must support the brand initiative.

The world of event design is as dynamic and exciting as the marketing world it supports. Event design follows on the heels of fashion, interior design and architecture. If you are wondering what colors, patterns and materials are going to be hot for 2009, you need only browse the pages of Vogue, Dwell or Architectural Digest to be informed. We tend to be slower to engage and then hold on to trends longer than other areas of the design world, but we embrace all of the same components. From color to materials, from texture to tone, we manifest environments using translations of the same elements.

Corporate mission statements are starting to play a larger role in event design by way of sustainability platforms. For an industry that is known more for waste than for recycling, it is encouraging to see such a focus on implementing change and making a real difference. What is good for the environment is good for the corporate meeting, and we are starting to see a concerted effort by all members of the event industry to become better citizens of the planet. We are cutting back on paper and increasing recycling; we are also taking a closer look at raw materials and measuring carbon footprints. This is great for the earth and great for event design. There are many emerging products that are either sustainable or recycled that can be used to create imaginative and beautiful environments for meetings and events. Designers all over the world are finding unique ways to implement green initiatives into corporate platforms and the result is unanimous: Green really is beautiful.

So as you contemplate your next meeting or event, don't forget to consider design as a significant and meaningful part of your program. Allow design to be the strength behind your brand, the platform for your corporate initiatives and the singular element that can both define and inspire your success.

Name: Rebecca Coons

Company: Ethos Design/Lounge 22

Address: 1805 Flower St. Glendale, CA 91201 USA

Phone: 818/502-0700

E-mail: [email protected]

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