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Fanzone helps English World Cup fans heat up

London-based Flux Events has added even more excitement for fans of England's World Cup team--if such a thing is possible--with its "Sure Fanzone," an inflatable temporary arena packed with special effects where fans can watch screenings of England's games.

Located next to London's famed Tower Bridge, the "Fanzone" sports the "Sure Sport for Men" deodorant brand for client Unilever. Fanzone ties into Sure's current international advertising campaign--where fans turn into animals--with its search for "England's wildest fan."

For each of the England matches, 150 Sure competition winners visit the Fanzone to watch the match. They are given special clothing, food and refreshments and the chance to experience the excitement of each match on a large screen in a stimulating, highly social environment--complete with lighting, sound, smoke, confetti cannons, flames, compressed air and a host of other effects.

The inflatable structure measures 22 meters long by 8 meters high (72 feet by 26 feet) and features four giant Sure deodorant cans as its four corners, complete with CO2 spray effects coming out of the tops. The special effects--including propane flames, 10 large CO2 effects, six industrial confetti machines, two Gem Roadie smoke machines, and bubble machines--are all supplied by film effects company Machine Shop. The effects are triggered via a customized DMX multi-controller to coincide in real time with elements of the game such as penalties and goals. Even with the deodorant motif, fans still need to be hosed down thanks to Britain's unseasonable heat.

From the original brief to the final working plan, the design process evolved through some 150 conceptual visuals, explains Flux's John Farquhar-Smith. He started on the project in September, when Unilever decided it wanted to stage a promotional event concurrent with the World Cup. Flux worked with Frank PR to create the promotion.

Sport Fanzone has already pulled media coverage including live links to Sky News, ITN News and London Tonight, and won inclusion in the BBC World Cup montage.

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