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Fresh Floral Wilts in Face of  "Green" Events

Fresh Floral Wilts in Face of "Green" Events

Due in part to the demand for "green events" that create less waste and consume fewer resources, 30 percent of respondents to a recent online poll from Special Events say their clients are cutting back "somewhat" on their use of fresh floral at events.

Five percent say their clients are "sharply cutting back or eliminating" fresh floral.

However, 50 percent of respondents say their clients have shown no change in the amount of fresh floral they like, and 10 percent say their clients want even more fresh floral.

Five percent don't know or have no opinion.

This trend has given new life to artificial floral. These products are no longer dismissed as "fake flowers" but now are referred to as "permanent botanicals."

Photo by c Lanica Klein


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