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Special Events

Gala Entry Deadline, Hippest Color Palette, Last Call for "50 Top" Story

How are your Gala Award entries coming? You still have plenty of time—till Sept. 17—to enter the Gala Awards, the most prestigious award in special events. (And if you even have till Sept. 24—with a slightly higher fee—for our "late-bird" entry deadline.) Reads tips and techniques to make your entry shine; just click here ...

Vivid colors top event palette poll Vivid primary/jewel tones make for the hippest color palette in special events today, according to the latest online survey from Special Events. Next come metallics followed by nature-inspired colors. Neutrals and monotone/single-color variations tie for the fourth spot, followed by pastels. But fully 26 percent of respondents say the hippest color palette "is whatever the client says it is" ….

Last call for "50 Top Event Planning Companies" list The next issue of Special Events will include the 9th edition of our popular "50 Top" list, with profiles of the biggest companies in special events. If you did not yet receive a questionnaire and wish to be considered, please send an email here.

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