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GEP DMC Survey Gives Peek into Year Ahead

Washington-based Global Events Partners announced the results of its annual worldwide DMC partner survey today; the survey reflects economic concerns mixed with cautious optimism. According to GEP, DMCs will likely face challenges ranging from airline service issues to currency shifts. Revenues overall seem likely to decrease, the survey says, although short-term bookings are expected to increase in 2009.

More than two-thirds of GEP’s partners responded to the survey, representing close to 40 countries worldwide--including Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America--and all major markets within the United States. Among those responding to the survey, more than two-thirds expect DMC sales to decrease due to the worldwide economic slowdown; close to three-fourths believe that “big events”--defined as programs for more than 200 attendees--will fall.

The survey also revealed that Spain, Greece and Prague are now popular meeting and event destinations; “old reliable” locations such as London, Miami and Mexico remain on the list. Call 202/775-5849 or visit

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