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Although they face both a somber mood and some cancellations, event professionals responding to an informal poll in Special Events Magazine report cautious optimism for the special event business this holiday season.

“We have experienced quite a few cancellations over the past two weeks; however, business still seems strong. A lot of cancellations have already rescheduled and most have added some sort of patriotic symbols or themes.
“I believe the holiday season may be a bit subdued in scope as far as extravagant décor, etc., yet I do think there will be quite a few more events than normal. This seems to be a trend that started even before the tragedy in New York and Washington.”

John Jakob
Abbey Party Rents/Props of Texas

“I don't think ‘stay strong’ would apply, as I did not really expect a strong finish to the year. Nonetheless I am hopeful that the year will finish fairly well. We may even see an increase in warm holiday type parties due to the strong sense of community that, thankfully, has been one of the results of this tragedy.”

Thomas Gifford
Abbey Event Services
Burbank, Calif.

“I think the holiday season is going to be a last-minute thing. I think old and new clients will wait to see what the economy is going to be doing and if there are any other attacks from either side.
“I feel it isn't going to be easy, but we just have to help each other in this time of not knowing. Maybe working as teams to keep each other busy.
“It is a very sad time, and I know we will get out of this, but it is going to take time for the planet to heal. I have had things cancel, and I just hold that they will look at it again and maybe change their mind [and] should go forward.”

Randy Furhman
Randy Fuhrman’s Creative Concept
Los Angeles

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