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It’s going to be a week

Taking care of ourselves

You are probably already feeling the weight of the Tuesday election, and how our country will cope with the results. I am not writing today to push any political agenda or encourage any party over another. I have my opinions; I’ll keep them to myself in this forum. 

I am here to tell you to take care of yourselves. Whether we realize it or not, this is a week that—truly now more than ever—will challenge us to be patient and kind with each other, and ourselves. 

Whether you are checking returns constantly, occasionally—or prefer to wake up Wednesday morning to whatever the outcome may be, I know the election will be at the forefront of any kind of online social engagement you review. Step away from the noise if you can, take a deep breath with your eyes closed, and think about the people you love and the places that make you the happiest. Then, carry on.

I’ll keep this short. If you haven’t already, make your voice count. Vote.

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