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The Last Word

THE CHALLENGE OF CHANGE "As a rental industry, we face an immense challenge to develop new products, greater features and portability. But at the same time, we must hold our inventory to a minimum. Like other industries, we have been challenged in the last five years to develop our internal systems, such as 'just in time' delivery and integrated project planning."

RENTAL TRENDS "In the last 10 years, we have seen the size of the market grow dramatically, with competition holding rental rates at more or less the same level. This has polarized the industry, creating fewer larger global operators and more small, local rental operators. This trend will continue, and I predict reorganization of some of the larger operators, either by takeovers and mergers or by acquisition into vertically or horizontally integrated businesses, such as event organizers or exhibition supply companies."

GOING GREEN "In Holland, we have a proven record of environmental concern covering the appropriate choice of PVC materials, low energy usage and prepayment of waste disposal levies at point of purchase."

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