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The Last Word

KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS "Always operate with integrity and be honest with the client. If a job isn't your forte, don't be afraid to pass on the event and recommend somebody else in the best interests of all concerned."

STAYING FRESH "Take on a mixture of projects rather than being pigeonholed doing 'just galas' or 'just parties.'"

STRESS BUSTING "I love herb-gardening and landscaping as antidotes to the stresses in this job. Anything that's outdoors, like deep-sea fishing, also recharges me."

MEET AND GREET "Networking and building relationships are what this industry is all about. Visibility helps, whether it's making speeches, writing articles about a topic you're passionate about or attending industry functions to get to know other great people in the business."

A GALA NOMINATION "A dream come true for any planner."

COMPANY PHILOSOPHY "It's actually framed on our wall: 'Don't cut corners or you'll lose quality. If you lose quality, you lose everything.'"

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