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Special Events

The Last Word

ON SELLING "Everyone in my company is cross-utilized. My salespeople operate and my operators sell. This way everyone gets to see events through to the end. We are always trying to find new business. Once you stop those sales calls, you stop the business."

BLOOMING BUSINESS "More and more companies are downsizing corporate planning and special event staff and outsourcing their events. More associations are putting on their own events. I think my business-and the industry-can continue to bloom from these opportunities."

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING "The nicer you are to everyone, the better the event will go. We can do only the footwork. I work very hard to establish the best relationship possible with everyone from the city planner to each of my vendors, no matter what services they perform."

HOT SPOT "Because South Beach is one of the hottest resort areas in the country, our location in Miami positions us for business. We travel with our clients, but 80 percent of our business is right here in Miami."

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