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The Last Word

DOLLARS AND SENSE "Make sure your cash-flow projections are well-padded, and do not live off your client's deposits. Better to get your bank to give you a line of credit for those gap periods. Nothing stresses like waiting for a check."

LAUGHING AND DANCING "The best way to deal with stress is to have fun. This is critical-hire people you enjoy seeing every day, joke a lot, and when you think you're going to explode, put on Will Smith's song Gettin' Jiggy Wit It and dance your butts off!"

TABLE TRENDS "Table configurations will change from the standard 'rounds'-start working with long, long 'banquets' for a fabulous and dramatic feel."

DREAM-WEAVER "Don't be an order-taker-suppliers can be found easily these days over the Internet. Be an image-maker-weave a client's identity subtly or overtly into the event, but make sure they are getting communication and image for their investment."

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