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Lead Magnets: What They Are and How They Can Work for You

Lead magnets are freebies or valuable pieces of content given away for free in exchange for your ideal customer’s email address.

Email marketing is multi-faceted; however, even with all the ways that exist to get your wedding planning expertise or catering savvy on the radar of your ideal clients, it has to be executed well. 

Before you book a client, you need to establish a connection based on trust and quality mingled with strategic marketing. Here is where lead magnets come in. There is a saying that goes, “some of the best things in life are free.” This statement applies on a small scale to your business’s marketing ability and how your ideal clients can become satisfied and long-term customers.  

A lead magnet is one of “those best things in life that are free.” Lead magnets are freebies or valuable pieces of content given away for free in exchange for your ideal customer’s email address. Some of the most common examples of lead magnets are PDF’s. Informative, catchy, and persuasive PDFs work best when you know your ideal customer, you know how to help that customer, and you position yourself as the expert in your field who can make their dreams a reality. 

With a lead magnet, you give your ideal client a glimpse into what you offer and why and how you can help them. Don’t feel the need to share too much with marketing; the goal is to build relationships that also make sales. The lead magnet isn’t the sale, but more so a friendly introduction to the sale.  

Other examples of lead magnets can be checklists, guides, or downloadable lists that allow an ideal client to interact with your business more. The varying types of lead magnets all boil down to the creative ingenuity of the business owner. Still, the goal is always to create an opportunity to work with and alongside an ideal client whose pain points you can identify and resolve.  

For example, when an ideal customer visits a well-designed website, within the first 10 seconds, they may see a pop-up detailing a link to a free download of “5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Planning a Breeze” or “The Top 7 Ways an Event Planner Can Help You Solve Your Venue Blues.” 

And, in exchange to receive an answer to an overwhelming problem or pain point, your ideal client is already hooked and gives you an email address so that you can continue helping them solve their problem.  

Make Lead Magnets Work for You Today 

Email marketing is a goldmine for wedding and event planners because once you have an ideal customer’s email address, you can begin the process of meeting their pain points with your irresistible solutions to an issue only you can solve.  

Remember, marketing is multi-faceted. The goal isn’t just to receive an email address and attach it to a database, but to utilize the information given by promoting lead magnets, which also develops a relationship with your customer. “Put your best foot forward” with your ideal client, so they know you are serious about helping them solve their problem. 

Lead magnets work to establish trust between you, your business, and an ideal customer and address a pain point. The best way to construct a lead magnet is by honing in on what your customers need. When you can pinpoint their needs, you also identify how you can help them achieve their goals. 

By gaining the right contacts to potential clients, you are already on your way to success because your email list knows what to expect from you. 

Your next thought could be on how to get the right people to your lead magnets? The ways to do this range from social media posts, website pop-ups, paid advertisements to podcast interviews or guest blog posts. The possibilities are endless to get the word out! 

Three Things to Remember When Building Lead Magnets 

All of this may seem like a barrage of information at first; however, this marketing wonder will put you on the right track to garnering more of your ideal customers.  

Here are some things to remember that will help you execute and create amazing lead magnets.  

  • Define Your Ideal Client: As a creative business owner in the wedding and event planning industry, knowing your ideal client is necessary. When you know who you want to reach with your expertise, finding the right client becomes less of a hassle and more like the first step to a great lead magnet. 
  • Be Specific: In your industry, do you want to help soonly-wed couples plan a stress-free wedding on a budget or help businesses plan events in a socially-distanced world? Ideal clients may know what you do, but what they genuinely want to know is how your business can help them with their problems. When you can explain how you can help, you’ve made another step towards a great lead magnet. 
  • Create Call to Actions: Yes, your lead magnet is a freebie for a potential customer. It is also a marketing tool that reveals to a client what you can offer them should they choose to work with you. Please don’t forget that all marketing should lead to a sale. Include call-to-actions in your lead magnets. Imagine writing or creating a fantastic PDF download and then leaving that potential client, who is now slightly more invested in you, without a next step to keep the conversation going.  

Lead magnets are a breeze when you understand them. If you haven’t begun creating and utilizing this tool for your business, hopefully, you feel more equipped with the points outlined in this article to get lead magnets working for you today!  

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