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Leading ISES to an Exciting Year of Growth and Education

At August's Eventworld® 2007, an Institute for Professional Development, in Montreal, I will assume the role of ISES president. As ISES celebrates its 20th anniversary, I will take my turn at navigating the ISES strategic plan set in place by the International Board of Governors. I am truly thrilled to embark on a year already marked by such greatness.

Marty Janis, 2006-07 ISES president, thank you for allowing me to pick up where you left off. You set the stage for continued ISES success. I'm grateful to all previous volunteers who have donated countless hours of their time. ISES is indebted to every individual for providing the strength that has grown and developed this young association in a mere two decades.

The International Board of Governors identified the need to train volunteers and find better ways to recognize their service to ISES. A first for ISES was its inaugural Annual Chapter Leadership Conference in June. We're proud to now take the steps toward rewarding our members for their volunteer efforts.

In my 17 years as an ISES member, I've served in almost every volunteer position at the chapter level and, now, the international level. I have witnessed swift changes that would typically move much slower in the evolution of an association. Our ability to adapt to change and deliver premier services makes ISES stand apart.

We continued to elevate the level of education at Eventworld®. The advancement delivered educational tracks in Wellness and Executive Business Development.

The Certification Program Exam rollout has begun and, as a 1993 CSEP graduate, I encourage you to acknowledge the special recognition we owe the Certification Committee. Thank you for donating endless hours evaluating and moving this certification forward. Our partnership with the exam administrator, Schroeder Measurement Technologies, allows for exam testing at computer centers in your local area. I encourage each of you to further your personal growth with continued study.

Another strong point for ISES is the International Affiliate Program, which builds locally based chapters worldwide. Its achievements wouldn't exist without the affiliate leaders. Their time and money to support the growth in their regions is invaluable.

Our International Board of Governors and chapter leaders, along with the ISES headquarters staff, have worked diligently to build a sound and effective plan for membership growth. Members are the core of ISES. That's why recruitment and retention, as well as the continuing pursuit for leading educational content, are our top priorities.

Can you see why I am excited to be a part of the future ISES? I am confident that we will accomplish the 2007-08 objectives while making strides in all areas of interest.

I look forward to meeting and becoming reacquainted with so many professionals at Eventworld in Montreal. The opportunity to advance your education and enjoy a great city is what ISES is all about!

Name: Connie Riley, CSEP

Company: T. Skorman Productions Inc.

Address: 5156 S. Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL 32809-3020 USA

Phone: 407/895-3000

E-mail: [email protected]

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