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Lessons Learned from 2023

4 Mistakes Event Pros Made in 2023 + How to Avoid Them

in a recent article for Catersource, wedding PR pro Meghan Ely laid out 4 four top mistakes event pros made in 2023 as well as how to avoid them.

"What sets great businesses apart is the ability to accept one’s mistakes and use them as a springboard for growth. Instead of letting shame steer them off track, strong leaders view their setbacks as opportunities to learn and improve in their work," said Ely.

When asked about their biggest "oops" in 2023, here’s what a handful of experienced event professionals had to say (and what they’ve learned from their faults):

  1. Hiring without an onboarding plan 
  2. Sticking to the “old-fashioned” way
  3. Getting caught in the comparison trap
  4. Wasting time on unproductive tasks

Click here to read more about each "oops" and what you can do to avoid them.


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