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Special Events
Let's get technical

Let's get technical

Are you a technical production company that makes event magic? The July issue of Special Events Magazine will include a feature giving event planners tips on working effectively with technical production companies, and we need to hear from you:

For consideration, please answer these questions:

  • What is the biggest mistake that you see event planners making when working with their tech partner?
  • Can you share some details of recent successful events in which you worked with event planners? That is, what cool thing were you able to pull off because of working well as a team? (We'd like to know when event took place, rough guest count, reason for event, who end client was (or client's industry), and venue.)
  • Do you have any photos available of this event? (We need JPEGs or TIFFs, at least 300 dpi and at least 3 inches wide.)
  • What special capabilities does your company offer the event planner that can't be found elsewhere?
  • What cool new capabilities and/or technologies will be coming down the road soon for event planners to use?
  • What pressures are facing your side of the business that planners should be aware of? (Rising costs, system compatibility problems, whatever)
  • What is the one piece of advice you wish event planners would keep in mind when they partner with you to ensure a successful event?

Please send your replies by noon Pacific Time on Monday, June 5; just click here.

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