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News briefs for Sept. 13, 2006

EU works on security of liquids on planes The European Commission is at work developing a pan-European Union approach to the potential danger posed by liquids and gels in hand-carried luggage on aircraft. The commission said that "considerable progress" had been made on the topic. The airline industry was roiled when news broke last month that U.K. law enforcement broke up an alleged terrorist plot to smuggle liquid or gel explosives onto U.S.-bound planes ...

ISES honors 'excellence' At its Eventworld conference last month, ISES named Sue Werb, CSEP, as ISES International Volunteer of the Year. The ISES New Orleans Chapter won the Mettle Attitude Award; Jenne Hohn and Heather Harris, who spearheaded the creation of the ISES Napa-Sonoma Chapter, received the Robert J. Graves Pioneer Award; and Kathy DeLuca, CSEP, CMP, was honored for excellence in membership recruitment ...

More parties for Hong Kong Disneyland? Figuring out how to attract attendees from mainland China has been a puzzle for Hong Kong Disneyland, where attendance has been below expectations since it opened a year ago. Besides being less familiar with Disney characters and stories that are staples for American children, park managing director Bill Ernest told reporters that Chinese tourists seem to want more special events, and the park plans to launch promotions for Halloween, Christmas and lunar New Year.

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