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Respondents to an informal poll on this Web site say the next generation of special event professionals is ready to go.

“For me, it's Ready, Steady, Go.......
“The South African government has embarked on a National Skills Strategy to skill up our nation, and one of the starting points is a ‘Learnership.’ We have been working on the Event Support, which is a Level 4 certificate, and then there will be Level 5 Event Coordination, Level 6 Degree in Event Management, and then CSEP.
“It is truly the most fantastic project—it is embracing all our professionals to share in the transfer of skills so that we will have a special event industry raring to go for the future - the new generation.
“The learning experience has been so rewarding already!”

Janet Landey, CSEP
Party Design
Johannesburg, South Africa

"I think the next generation of event planners are "ready to go!" I currently work in public relations, and have numerous peers that want to get into the special events industry. If there is any fear of a shortage of future special events professionals, don't fear. If there is any worry of the workers wanting to get into special events not being hard workers, don't worry. This is a growing industry with a wealth of young talent waiting to explode into the field!"

Jennifer Newton
Account Coordinator
Hill & Knowlton
Irvine, Calif.

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