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Special Events

Opening Night

SeaWorld Florida played host to Opening Night, co-produced by Connie Riley, CSEP, of T. Skorman Productions, Orlando, and David DeLoach of the Magic Kingdom Park. For this event, which was a cooperative effort between ISES and The Special Event, three pavilions and one tent were designed to represent the different facets of Florida, such as a tropical Miami sunset, pictured here. A sunburst effect was achieved with Transformit fabric structures and vivid lighting.

Fun and games: When not partying in the pavilions, guests were enjoying interactive games, provided by Dave Peters of Absolute Amusements, Orlando.

Walk on the wild side: Leopard-print chair covers from Sculptchair, pumpkin-colored linens from BBJ Boutique Linens, and a sleek art deco-inspired bar defined the look of Club South Beach, designed by Laura Connaughton of The New Queenfish Event Decor and Design, Orlando.

A "Tacky Tourist" theme encouraged guests to don their tourist best (or worst). Plaid Bermuda shorts, goofy hats and Hawaiian shirts reigned.

Beyond the sea: Undulating balloon bubbles and whimsical fish balloon sculptures, created by Bobbi Roberts of The Balloon Connection, Orlando, transformed one of the SeaWorld pavilions into an underwater wonderland. Balloons were provided by Kansas-based Pioneer Balloon.

With all the heat radiating from the tropical-themed tents, guests needed a place to chill. The icy, penguin-perfect jazz tent provided a contrasting cool spot.

"Shamu Rocks America"-and The Special Event! Opening Night was highlighted by a special Shamu performance.

Ready to rumba: Sexy go-go girls and muscle-bound boy-toys invited guests into swanky Club South Beach, where revelers enjoyed lively Latin music, a little conversation and a whole lot of cha-cha-cha!

Wet and wild: The crowd prepares for a Shamu-induced shower.

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