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Party Favors: Creative Cocktails

Looking to move your next event beyond the mild-mannered martini? Hollywood bartender Adam Rocke's “Atomic Body-slams to Whiskey Zippers” offers an alphabetized assortment of colorfully named cocktails destined to add the perfect drinkable detail to any event theme or scheme. Divvied up into chapters including “You Don't Expect Me To Drink That, Do You?” and “Low Toxicity Fun & Party Drinks,” Rocke's cocktails run from tame — “Rosewater,” “Quaker” and “Jelly Bean” — to titillating — “Ladykiller,” “Delta Warlord” and “Lust & Greed.” Recipes and instructions are rounded out with helpful liquor, utensil and glass glossaries. For more information, contact Chicago-based Surrey Books at 800/326-4430, or visit

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