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PRA Acquired by Allied Europe

PRA Acquired by Allied Europe

Leading DMC network PRA Destination Management, based in Carlsbad, Calif., announced yesterday that it has been acquired by Allied Europe. PRA’s 19 franchise offices along with Allied Europe’s and Allied Arabia’s seven offices will form Allied International, the new parent company of these destination management brands, according to Laura Rednour, PRA president. The new company will be headed by CEO James W. Hensley and will provide destination management services on three continents and in eight countries from 26 destination management office locations worldwide.

PRA handles nearly 2,000 events per year and produces annual systemwide revenue of nearly $79 million.


“This news is truly groundbreaking for the DMC industry and our clients alike,” Hensley said. "By combining forces, our clients now have global access to consistent service and the shared domestic and international knowledge base of a broad cross section of some of the most highly motivated, creative and seasoned hospitality professionals. The overall goal, with the addition of PRA to our portfolio, is to expand the global reach of our clients throughout the world, while continuing to enhance and further develop the quality of service and support that is part of our existing culture.”

“We are excited about this new phase for the PRA Destination Management brand,” Rednour said. “More and more clients are reaching out to a DMC partner who can assure quality performance on a global scale with resources to provide; single sourcing, consistency, training and the ability to help clients manage their DMC spend. With the newly expanded worldwide presence of Allied International, we can better serve our clients, whether they are hosting an event in Las Vegas, Paris or Dubai, with the same first-class service and innovative programs they’ve come to expect from PRA.”

After 17 years in the incentive and marketing consulting business in Chicago, Hensley acquired Allied France, according to a company statement. Since 1999, Hensley’s business expanded from one office to seven located in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Monaco and the United Arab Emirates.

In 1981 PRA Destination Management was formed by founder and chairman, Patti Roscoe. Roscoe will continue to play an active role within the organization by serving on the Allied International Board of Directors and will remain a shareholder of Allied International, while consulting on business matters for the company, according to a company statement.

“My decision to divest myself from the daily business practices of PRA marks the celebration of over 26 years of growing the company to its current success,” Roscoe said. “As is traditionally the case, the influx of new energy will no doubt accelerate the pace of PRA’s growth, and I’m excited to see the next stage of our evolution.”


“Each destination management company will continue to promote its services under its current brand including the 19 PRA offices," Hensley said. "The expanded sales force of over 75 individuals greatly enhances the supplier-partner relationship and ability to deliver consistent program elements from location to location for PRA, Allied Europe and Allied Arabia clientele. Look for us to expand franchise operations by 50 percent in three years.”

For an interview with Rednour, see the December issue of Special Events Magazine.

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