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Rick Herns Productions Loses Office to Fire

On Monday, June 25, the historic Alhambra Theater building in Redwood City, Calif., burned down, taking the office of event company Rick Herns Productions with it. The building, which was constructed in 1896, had been undergoing renovations. According to Herns, roofers who had been using propane torches accidentally started the fire. “They had taken a break and didn’t know,” Herns says. “By the time they looked up at the roof, it was totally engulfed.”

Herns’ 12-year-old company had been housed in the building for four years and he calls the destruction a “tragedy.” He adds, however, “There’s some good news, too.” His business is up and running out of a temporary location, his database remains intact thanks to off-site backup, and he was able to salvage, with the help of a Kevlar-suited firefighter, 20,000 photos that span the last five years of his event production career. The company may still be reached by mail at its Alhambra Theater address. Rick Herns Productions, 835 Main St., Redwood City, CA 94063, 650/366-7008.

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