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"Sean Combs" Party Scammers Hit Memphis

"Sean Combs" Party Scammers Hit Memphis

The notorious scammers pretending to represent hip-hop star Sean "Diddy" Combs in contracting for an elaborate Sweet 16 party for his "niece" have struck again, this time in Memphis, Tenn.

Sarah Fiser, national sales manager with Memphis-based Destination King, tells Special Events that her company was contacted last week by a woman calling herself "Tisha," who claimed to be a member of the staff of MTV reality show "My Super Sweet 16."

In a pattern similar to a rash of calls that hit Atlanta-area planners last fall, "Tisha" and partner "David" described an elaborate party they wanted Destination King to work on, slated for Nov. 6 at Memphis' FedEx Forum for 2,000 guests and featuring a dozen headliners including Beyonce and Kanye West.


Although the prospect of such a huge event with an "unlimited budget" thrilled the Destination King team, Fiser says, "Fortunately we did some research and found [the Special Events] article."

"We spoke with them about this and just flat-out told them about what we had read," Fiser adds. "They of course denied it and 'acted' surprised by the allegations. We told them that we would be happy to work with them if they could email us legitimate information about their company--which of course they have yet to do. They just kept throwing around names and cell phone numbers."

The Destination King team has alerted local Memphis planners and vendors, Fiser adds.


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