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Special Events
In Season: Summer Sizzle

In Season: Summer Sizzle

In Season: Summer Sizzle

Wheelchair Ramps
Amramp offers an easy, affordable solution to make any event ADA-compliant, accessible and green. Fireproof. Recyclable/reusable/rentable. Installed in one day.

How does your Garden Grow?
Cultivate fantasy this season by planting AirDD’s Sprouts and Flora Hi-Lights. Let creativity take root by adding Stars, Cones and Spheres. All can be customized with logos and projections and are available for purchase and rental.
AirDD Hi-Lights™ by AirDD

Good To Go
One GO Plate adapts to all three: bottles, cans and cups. Your drink becomes the handle for your GO Plate, giving you a free hand. Save: Reduce or eliminate expensive table and chair rentals. Green: Clear GO Plates are recycled. #1 PET plastic and recyclable. Socialize on the GO at your next special event!
The GO Plate
770/234-0990 or 404/406-7765

Decorate with Deco Beads
These attractive beads absorb water and can be used in a variety of attractive displays. Less expensive and more attractive than marbles, the translucent beads are available in 10 colors and in extra-large sizes.
JRM Chemical Inc.

Accessories for Every Occasion
A vast assortment of party decor items is available from Eclectic/Encore Props. Three showroom floors hold everything from rickshaws to record players.

Fountain Magic
The Toba Magic Fountain™, with multiple spray heads and colored lights, transforms a poolside affair into a spectacular event! The only remote controlled, self-contained, floating fountain requiring no installation! Provide a breathtaking option for poolside events with the Toba Magic Fountain™.
Event Specialty Products Inc.

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