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RIGHT THIS WAY, please, into the dining area-the Seventh Annual Tabletop Competition is ready for your enjoyment. It's all here-playful or mysterious, whimsical or simple beauty or opulent splendor-you will find it in the following pages. Take a moment to feel the magic of these settings, to study the unique features that make up each theme, and then tell us whichtable are tops. You will find a fax-back voting form onpage 39. PLease fill it out and return it to us by Agust 12.

SWIRLED SENSATION DESIGNER: Mary Bennett, Paradym Events, Portland, Ore.

FLORAL: Mary Bennett, Paradym Events

LINENS: Table Expressions, Portland, Ore.

CHINA, FLATWARE: Portland Rent All, Portland, Ore.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mary Bennett, Paradym Events

Cutting-edge style is combined with elegance in this table setting. Tall, custom-made swirled chairs introduce the theme, which is repeated throughout the table. The place setting and black swirled place mats rest on silver-swirled jacquard linen, complementing the chairs. Accenting the centerpiece are tulips in elegant silver Renny vases atop a black Plexiglas swirl, further highlighting the theme. Hanging over the table, dendrobiums and exotic black parrot tulips intertwine through the custom-made wire sculpture, adding the finishing touch.

EURO CHIC DESIGNERS: Garry Harkey and Jack Meharian, Party & Event Productions, North Miami Beach, Fla.

PRODUCTION DIRECTOR: Michael Ingraham, Party & Event Productions

FABRIC STYLIST: Anderson Esteves, Party & Event Productions

FLORAL DESIGN: Jack Meharian, Party & Event Productions

LIGHTING: Troy Benjamin, Party & Event Productions

LINENS AND RENTALS: Panache Party Rentals, Boca Raton, Fla.

PHOTOGRAPHY: David Decota, Downtown Photo, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Old World wrought iron, sensuous purples and blues, and a European-style floral design create a romantic and intimate setting for an elegant dinner party. The purple satin tablecloth with a champagne fringe overlay corresponds to purple napkins with golden rope and tassel ties accented with peacock feathers and purple dendrobiums. Gold chargers with cobalt-blue stemware and gold chiavari chairs with purple satin pads add to the royal mood. An inverted cobalt-blue vase with a cobalt-blue fruit bowl atop serves as the centerpiece stand and holds an arrangement of hydrangea, purple dendrobiums, eustoma, ageratum, delphiniums, boronia, seafoam statice, anemones, astilbe, Boston ferns and peacock feathers. An eclectic grouping of multi-height golden wrought-iron candlesticks and hand-painted blue and purple pillar candles round out the centerpiece. The table decor is completed by a gold picture frame table number, gold-painted Mexican river rocks, hand-painted votive cups, pillar candles and loose flowers randomly placed at the base of the centerpiece.

MAYAN MAGIC DESIGNERS: Garry Harkey and Jack Meharian, Party & Event Productions, North Miami Beach, Fla.

PRODUCTION DIRECTOR: Michael Ingraham, Party & Event Productions

FABRIC STYLIST: Anderson Esteves, Party & Event Productions

FLORAL DESIGN: Jack Meharian, Party & Event Productions

LIGHTING: Troy Benjamin, Party & Event Productions

LINENS AND RENTALS: Panache Party Rentals, Boca Raton, Fla.

PHOTOGRAPHY: David Decota, Downtown Photo, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

This recreation of ancient Mayan ruins uses pottery, plants and flowers indigenous to the area. The purple satin tablecloth has a voodoo overlay; the purple napkins are entwined with faux snakes. Tortoise-shell chargers sit on slabs of slate and are accented with gold flatware. The centerpiece stand is constructed from bamboo tied with raffia, a handmade terra-cotta Mayan god statue and Mexican terra-cotta pottery accented with reproduction Mayan plates. The floral arrangement includes native Mexican bromeliads, red anthuriums, yellow pin-cushion proteas, onsidiums, heliconias and pheasant plumes. Terra-cotta dishes, placed on Mexican river rocks and filled with stones and hand-painted pillar candles, grace the tabletop. The backdrop features a Mayan temple petroglyph, faux stone walls with faux vines, Spanish moss, palm fronds, hanging temple candles, a faux boa constrictor and golden uplighting.

COSMOPOLITAN CONFETTI DESIGNER: Harith Productions, Oreland, Pa., and EventWorks, Los Angeles

PROPS: EventWorks

FABRICS: Cloth Connection, Spring Valley, N.Y.

CHINA/FLATWARE: Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort, Dana Point, Calif.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Nadine Froger, Los Angeles

The theme celebrates the new millennium in four different countries, with guests taking an imaginary flight aboard the Concorde cruising above the tables. Each table is decorated with a different centerpiece to symbolize the four destinations-Fiji, Hong Kong, Paris and New York. The table in the foreground characterizes the Hong Kong theme, brought out by the fans. The tables are bedecked with confetti-pattern linens over a black floor-length underlay. Each napkin's color matches the band of the corresponding chair, forming a multicolored design that further emphasizes the confetti theme. Each guest receives a confetti cannon and a glow-in-the-dark glass marked 2000 to celebrate the millennium.


RENTALS: Party Rental Limited, Teterboro, N.J.

LIGHTING: Frost Lighting, New York

FLORAL: Monique Laufs, New York

PHOTOGRAPHY: Harold Heckler Associates, New York

Colors reflective of the late-summer blooming heather on the moors of England and Ireland are the inspiration for this design. Tables are dressed in moss-colored damask linens with matching napkins accented by sheer violet ribbon ties. Floral centerpieces are arranged in terra-cotta pots brimming with fresh iris, tulips, sterling roses, bell heather and purple freesia. Fruitwood chairs with violet bengaline cushions enhance the decor. Gold flatware accompanies specialty china and glassware, highlighted by violet tinting and purple and lavender hues. Gift boxes holding chocolate truffles are placed at each setting. Violet gelled uplighting of trees creates an enchanting environment.

HONE FOAM DESIGNER: Wali Bayoun, Altadena (Calif.) Town and Country Club

LINES: Morgan Linen, Los Angeles

FOAM: Fabrics to the Max, Pasadena, Calif.

SILVERWARE: Oneida, Sysco, Los Angeles

CHINA: Steelite, R.W. Smith, Los Angeles

PHOTOGRAPHY: Wali Bayoun, Altadena Town and Country Club

The designer creates a modern, colorful and artistic look to complement the art deco setting. White foam, cut into a circular shape, four sections each, is placed on the black tablecloth. Cookie-cutters are used to reveal the tablecloth underneath. A pop-out spiral, supported in the middle by a Styrofoam cone, holds sunflowers, ginger and birds of paradise. Colorful napkins round out the design.

RED-HOT HOLIDAY DESIGN: Jessica Weinberg and Frank Goldstin, G/M! Productions, Chicago

FLORAL AND DECOR: Ronsley Inc., Chicago

LIGHTING: Frost Lighting, Chicago

LINENS: BBJ Linens, Skokie, Ill.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Larry Shapiro Photography, Glenview, Ill.

Giant gold flute risers sit atop the tables with bright red rose arrangements. Each table is set with six red votive candles and pin-spotted in warm tones to complement and enhance the floral arrangements. The perimeter is uplighted in red tones. Guest tables are draped in red satin with complementing red satin chair covers and chair ties. Each place setting features a matching red satin napkin with an elegant gold ribbon.

UNDER THE SEA DESIGNER: Pampered Petals, Huntingdon Valley, Pa.

LINENS: Cloth Connection

PHOTOGRAPHY: William Gelber Photography, Broomall, Pa.

For this maritime theme, tables are covered with ocean-hued tissue lame. The centerpiece rises above a base of vinyl covered by an iridescent net, complete with shells, sand and treasure chests. Fabric fish are designed to look as if they are swimming among bubbles and seagrass.

SPACE FANTASY DESIGN: Jessica Weinberg and Frank Goldstin, G/M! Productions, Chicago

FLORIST: Continental Artistry, Windermere, Fla.

LIGHTING: Orlando (Fla.) Science Center in cooperation with Continental Artistry

LINENS: Continental Artistry

PHOTOGRAPHY: DGM Photography, Orlando

Tables are draped in white and overlaid with scalloped, custom-designed blue velvet. Each scallop point is enhanced with an elegant white flower, sheer bow and silver tassel. The napkins are made of platinum satin, and the chairs are draped in white and tied with an extra-wide silver lame ribbon in a simple triple knot. A ring of fragrant white gardenias, roses, miniature roses, Casablanca lilies and stock is used as part of each table's low centerpiece housing a battery-operated halogen light shining straight up.

MONEY FOR NOTHIN' DESIGNER: Ingrid Lundquist, The Lundquist Co., Sacramento, Calif.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ingrid Lundquist, The Lundquist Co.

The tabletop in this playful setting incorporates childhood whimsy with an adult board game. Brown craft paper and colorful interlocking rubber mats serve as the game board and assorted miniature food props as the playing pieces. With a roll of the oversized dice, players work their way around the table buying and selling real estate, stocks and even their dessert. Floral centerpieces, fashioned of paper bills and plastic gold coins, add a rich formal accent to the happy-go-lucky theme.

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