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On with the Show

A [longish] hello note from Special Event’s new editor-in-chief, Kathleen Stoehr

Let’s just start this conversation by saying that former editor, Lisa Hurley, and I couldn’t be more different. Where she is effervescent and approachable, my RBF and introverted mien are my calling card. I like to cuss and am definitely more pessimist than optimist. I’m not sure people could say that about Lisa.

Physically—when I was on stage with her at Catersource/The Special Event last March, I towered over her like the freaking Incredible Hulk. Boom, boom, boom! Only her blazing Fresnel of a personality was able to save her from my stage annihilation. 

Looking at her Facebook feed the day she announced her retirement was enough to make me send her an email saying, “uhm…are you sure you want to do this?” 

She cited an adorable anecdote about career trajectory, and a week later she was gone.


I will add one bit of personal info about myself: I am completely and embarrassingly sentimental. I feel the feels so much, I generally will exit stage right (“she was here a minute ago…”) so that I don’t ever have to say goodbye.


So here we are, and as a content strategist of many years and editor of many publications, I am well aware there will be hitches as I find my groove with this audience. I will take any and all encouragement, critiques, and salty swears to get through the rest of this [#%$&!!] year and into 2021.

For those of you who do not know me, I’m heading into year seven editing Catersource, which is Special Event’s sister publication. I lead the online content, too, and also vet, hire, guide, and coordinate all of the session speakers for Catersource’s three live events. 

When Catersource and The Special Event joined forces last March for its first co-located event, I helped The Special Event team with their content vetting, and curated “Bridge” sessions for both audiences to enjoy. I’ll be doing that again this year, too.

Pre-Catersource/Special Events, my background was a kaleidoscope of content, from non-profit to for-profit, from consumer focused to B2B. Interior design, wildlife, financial, home improvement, hotels, parenting, travel, F&B, writing coach, published author, award winner. I soak it up and excel. It’s been quite a career; but I have to tell you why I’m so thrilled to add Special Events to my roster. 

My education lies in Theatre Arts, both undergrad and at the Master’s level. Stages, events, lights, seating, front of house, back of house, set decoration, stage management, intermissions or session breaks—the roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd!—any and all produced gatherings…are permanently lodged in my DNA. I can’t think of a better feeling than that quiet moment right before an event is about to begin, walking through the venue or stepping onto the stage and taking a deep breath, a sweeping glance, and feeling the adrenaline begin to bubble up. It’s show time.

I know you all get that feeling too, no matter what your role in the event entails. 

In closing, there’s a lot to talk about, but my aim is to continue and enhance Lisa’s good work and legacy. 

So…on with the show!


PS: Follow me on: 

Twitter: @KathStoehrCS

Instagram: @MyTravelingBar

and, of course, Facebook: /KathleenStoehr


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