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Special Events

Special Events News Briefs for Nov. 18, 2009

Calling clever caterers: Are you delivering menus that offer big taste on a small budget? We'd love to interview you for an upcoming feature; please let us know to contact you by clicking here

Go into the business, kid: Thirty-five percent of respondents to the latest poll from Special Events say they would "absolutely" encourage their son or daughter to go into special events as a career. Slightly more—38 percent—say they would encourage it but caution that the business has its ups and down. Only 8 percent say they would discourage it somewhat, and 8 percent say they would discourage it "strongly" …

How are your mitzvah budgets? Is the lousy economy beating up your bar mitzvah budgets? Let us know by responding to our latest poll—it appears on the right side of our Web site, beneath the "Resource Center."

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