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TBA Global Announces New "Connective Learning" Platform

TBA Global Announces New "Connective Learning" Platform

Los Angeles-based TBA Global, a leading experiential marketing and communications company, today announced the launch of its new "Connective Learning" platform, which aims to build learning programs that link learners with content while developing the learner’s skills to connect messages to additional target audiences, the company said in the statement.

The Connective Learning program is led by Carl Hyman, TBA Global’s new executive vice president of learning and performance solutions. Hyman, who joined the company in July, brings more than 18 years' experience working with leading brands such as Novartis, Merck, Endo Pharma and Genentech. He will be based in TBA Global’s Times Square office in New York.

TBA's programs will be developed by learning professionals with in-depth industry and technical expertise, the company said, and include real-life scenarios that simulate the work environment while incorporating a variety of creative and interactive activities. Training is delivered in real-time, through live events or Web casts that digitally connect multiple regional sites together simultaneously for a cohesive training experience. Social networking sites are also available for participants to post best practices and provide a platform to share valuable experiences and insights.

“Connective Learning' is a different way of approaching learning,” Hyman said. “When it comes to delivery systems—whether they be Web-based, lecture-based, workshop-based, whatever—those are not what really matter. What matters is the approach to learning; it should be one where participants understand that everything they learn is connected to the larger objective. And for salespeople, that objective is winning over clients and end-users.”

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