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In Their Own Words

When we interviewed members of our Advisory Board for our “Forecast 2003” article we asked them to share opinions on the industry's outlook this year. We also asked what Special Events Magazine could be doing to help the event profession. The board had a consistent response: Keep telling us what other real-life event professionals are saying.

And event professionals have a lot to say.

I spent Thanksgiving weekend looking over the results of the study that our Research Department conducted in October. We've put the statistics into graphs in our “Forecast” article. And when we asked “What will be the secret to success for event professionals in 2003?” here is what 39 of our readers said:

“Adaptation to changing markets. Nothing is as it was last year or the year before.”

“The companies that are sitting around and waiting for the telephone to ring, or those who have not changed the way they do business with the newest technology and the freshest ideas will be those companies that are not as successful in 2003.”

“Be flexible.” (From 16 respondents.)

“Same as it has been: Be creative, be resourceful, be positive and be respectful of the industry.”

“I am looking for new venues that I have been overlooking in the past!”

“I don't have a clue.”

“I work in a hotel, so our secret to success is teamwork and accountability.”

“Persevere.” (From four respondents.)

“Keep on perfecting your contacts and being involved in professional organizations.”

“Much will be out of our hands, depending on the war and its impact on the economic recovery.”

“Network.” (From five respondents.)

“Offer quality, well-designed events that aren't cookie-cutter formats, events that don't look like prop house drop-offs.”

“Do more with less, utilize key contacts within the industry more than ever, and be more upfront with budgetary constraints when dealing with vendor/partners.”

“With the current economy, we are really trying to get across to individuals and corporations that you can still throw amazing events for clients/staff/etc. on a smaller budget. You don't have to go over the top and think all or nothing. Right now, people really need to find reasons to celebrate and give thanks!”

“Focus on aggressively seeking business and being able to recognize when to turn on a dime when circumstances dictate; often these circumstances are well beyond your control.”

“Do it right, on time and on budget.”

And my favorite: “Work harder and give more than anyone can dream.”

Well said.

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