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Tips on winning a Gala Award

The 2008 Gala Awards competition is now under way; entries are due Sept. 5 for the $99 fee; Sept. 12 for the $125 fee.

Here are tips from Gala judges to give your entry an extra edge:

Get to the point. Write clean, concise, specific answers to the Four Questions. Judges prefer shorter, specific explanations to vague, long-winded ones.

Submit good photos. Good photos give the judges a good look at your work.

Make sure you include a budget. Do not omit important elements (such as food at a wedding) to slip into another, lower budget category. Remember, your entry is being judged by at least three event experts. They understand the true cost of events.

Make sure your entry has all the required elements. See the Gala Entry Checklist on your Gala Entry form. New this year for all entries are a budget and a timeline.

Don’t waste your time on fancy binders. They are cumbersome for judges to handle and do not give you extra points.

The judges value creativity over everything else. Good work always shines through!

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