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Toronto ISES chapter rails against SARS warning

As the specter of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) appears to be moderating, the Toronto ISES chapter on Thursday issued a notice to fellow members worldwide saying, “We are writing to assure you that Toronto is a safe city to visit and conduct business within.”

The day before, the World Health Organization had warned that it was potentially dangerous to travel to Toronto because of an outbreak of SARS.

The chapter added, “We meet clients daily, shake hands freely without latex gloves and do not wear masks. We eat out at restaurants, see plays, partake in sporting events, take public transit and have little fear about catching SARS.”

Warning of an “economic crisis,” the chapter said, “On behalf of the event industry in Toronto, we urge you to show your support for the Toronto event community by spreading the truth about our city and by conducting your Toronto-based events, meetings and conventions as you normally would.”

The WHO announced today that to date, a cumulative total of 5,050 probable SARS cases with 321 deaths has been reported from 26 countries. The new deaths were reported from China (9), Hong Kong (17) and Singapore (2).

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